In summer months you can sail out into the open sea from the Podstrana on one of the many tourist ships and boats offering one or more day trips to most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Every morning several tourist boats sail out from Podstrana towards Brač, Hvar and other islands and towns on the coast, and along with the boat fare on any of them you will be buying a first-rate experience of Dalmatia. There is no better way to truly perceive the magnificence of the Dinara mountain or to get the know the numerous beaches and coves along the Riviera of Podstrana than from the bow of a ship sailing across the open sea. A boat trip to one of the Dalmatian islands is truly a unique experience, and the one thing bold ones will surely remember it by will be a swim taken in the big blue of the Brač Channel, in the company of just a dolphin or two.




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