Beaches in Podstrana

There is a reason why the two or three weeks you are going to spend on the Adriatic are called holidays. Rest and relaxation at the beach or in other words swimming and sunbathing, are the favourite activities of most tourists on summer vacation. Luckily, Podstrana offers almost endless possibilities in this aspect, too.

From big beaches to small, secluded pebble coves, from long shallows ideal for kids to the deep big blue opening up before you just meters from the shore – Podstrana truly has something to offer to everyone.

In addition to the sun and the sea, all beaches in Podstrana and other big beaches of the Riviera also offer a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities such as jet-skis, boat or kayak rental or sea trampolines, and at two locations on the Riviera you can also try the fun and extremely addictive windsurfing.

Those eager for a bit more intimate setting and true rest and relaxation will have no problem choosing among a number of beautiful coves in the villages of the Riviera. Almost every inch of the Podstrana Riviera coast is suitable for swimming and finding the perfect beach is just a pleasant concern for many tourists coming here year after year.

And if the almost 9 kilometers of beaches and coves lining the coast of the Podstrana Riviera are still not enough for you, let us only mention that just a few kilometers away from the Podstrana in the direction of Omiš you’ll find the longest stretch of sandy beaches in all of Croatia!

Beaches are especially attractive due to their accessibility. All the way from Podstrana to Omiš you will practically be driving only two or three meters away from the beach, so you can choose the perfect location for all-day rest and relaxation on the sand just sitting in your car.