Gastronomy in Podstrana

Although in many ways a typical Mediterranean town, due to its specific location Podstrana has for centuries also been a melting pot of different gastronomic influences. Good wine, fish and olive oil make the basis of Mediterranean cuisine dominant along the coast, whereas the villages of Poljica in the town’s hinterland offer famous specialties such as soparnik and Dalmatian prosciutto.

Salt and olive oil represent the nutritive essence of Dalmatian cuisine, but a truly authentic gastronomic delight requires two more ingredients – wine and song.

Throughout the centuries local fishermen and farmworkers ended their evenings with song in old Dalmatian taverns (Croat. konoba) , and, interestingly enough, the first and oldest one among such taverns was opened precisely in Podstrana!

Today there are dozens of taverns and restaurants in the area of Podstrana where you can get a taste of the diverse local cuisine.

Local specialties you should by no means miss while on vacation in Podstrana are definitely the Poljica soparnik, Dalmatian prosciutto, grilled fish and traditional Dalmatian peka (usually veal, seafood or chicken roasted to perfection under an iron lid). Each of these dishes represents a special culinary delight, and the fact that soparnik is today one of the rare dishes included on the official list of Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage speaks best to the quality of the local cuisine of Podstrana!